Terms & Conditions


1.1. For purposes of this document: Any reference to ‘’Liamara Estate’ shall mean Venue or visa versa.

1.2. Liamara Estate is a working lifestyle farm estate with farm vehicles and a venue where animals roam freely. Please be cautious during your visit and you are to ensure that children below the age of 18 (eighteen) years are supervised at all times.

1.3. Guests and/or Suppliers are to note that the speed limit on the property is 10 km/h and must be adhered to at all times by those operating motor vehicles.

1.4. The rules and regulations as displayed, including but not limited to the indemnity boards apply to the entire Liamara Estate premises.

1.5. The terms and conditions contained herein form the basis of the booking between the Client and Liamara Estate.

1.6. Liamara Estate shall not accept, consent to, or sign any third party’s terms and conditions.

1.7. The terms and conditions will not be deviated from unless it has been agreed upon in writing and signed off by the Parties.

1.8. Liamara Estate hereby reserves the right to decline any booking involving deviations from these terms and conditions or any part thereof and shall not incur any liability for doing so at any time.

1.9. All bookings are provisional and are only confirmed once the non – refundable booking fee and a signed Booking Form agreeing to these terms and conditions has been acknowledged as received by a Liamara Estate representative.

1.10. By signing the terms and conditions the Client represents and warrants to Liamara Estate that is has read, understand and agreed to the terms and conditions prior to the booking and payment of the non-refundable booking fee of R1500.

1.11. Liamara Estate hereby reserves the right to make reasonable amendments to its terms and conditions in order to comply with amendments to legislation, international best practise and/or in the interest of public safety as well as business efficiency. Any major changes will be communicated to clients who have made bookings or reservations prior to the amendments.

1.12. All rates, including venue hire costs are subject to an annual increase and are exclusive of VAT. Pass through increases in rates by Suppliers to the Liamara Estate may result in an increased costs which may be applied without prior notification to Clients.

1.13. Quotations are subject to availability. Clients who wish to avoid disappointment must confirm their bookings as soon as practically possible.

1.14. Bookings will only be confirmed upon acknowledgment of receipt by a Liamara Estate representative of a signed Booking Confirmation Form and proof of payment of the booking fee, which has to be emailed to: info@liamara.co.za.

1.15. Payment of the Booking fee and the signed Booking Confirmation Form serves as an unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Liamara Estate.


2.1. All payments shall be made in South African Rand and shall be submitted to Liamara Estate, accompanied by a proof of payment. Payments must be made via electronic funds transfer.

2.2. The Venue reserves the right to withhold goods and services until payment is made in full and reflects in its bank account.

2.3. A non – refundable booking fee of R1500 will be due and payable immediately upon your selection of a date (“selected date”), the selected date will be reserved for 10 (ten) working days and thereafter it will be opened to other clients should the Client fail and/or neglect to make payment of 50% (fifty percent) of their deposit.

2.4. An additional deposit of R5000 (five thousand Rand) is required for breakages, damages and/or theft. Should the damages exceed the holding deposit, these items will be invoiced for separately.

2.5. All deposits (booking fee) are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation and/or postponement by the Client. Upon payment of the venue hire deposit, the proof of payment or deposit slip must be forwarded to info@liamara.co.za accompanied by the Client’s signed Booking confirmation Form and signed Terms and Conditions Schedule Form as stipulated above.

2.6. All deposits made must clearly state the Client’s reference number that they received from Liamara Estate when they made their booking.

2.7. The Client’s outstanding balance is due and payable by no later than 14 (fourteen) working days prior to the Event (“settlement period”). Should this final payment not be received within the settlement period, Liamara Estate will deem the Client’s omission as a deemed cancellation of the Event.

3. Payment terms and Conditions

1) 50% of the total quotation  shall be paid within 7 (seven) working days of signature and acceptance of quotation and booking form, and the balance shall be paid without deduction on completion of the project.

2) Interest at the current bank overdraft rate shall accrue on any amounts not paid on due date.

3) In the event of any cancellation by the client after signature hereof, the following cancellation fees will be charged based on Industry standards: All hard costs incurred by Liamara Estate together with a cancellation fee of:

– 30% of the total quotation within 45 days before Event.
– 50% of the total quotation within 30 days before Event.
– 100% of the total quotation within 14 days before Event.

All Event particulars, including but not limited to: final check lists, confirmation of menu and bar requirements and final guest numbers, must be finalised by no later than 14 (fourteen) working days prior to the Event.

3.2. Any additional costs (food, beverage, etc) incurred during the event should be settled by 00h00 on the night of the Event, any late payments shall at interest at the maximum rate permissible in terms of the Prescribed Rate of Interest Act No. 55 of 1975, as amended..1)


4.1. Liamara Estate is able to provide accommodation on request. Liamara Estate has six luxury appointed en suite guest bedrooms available, which should be booked subject to availability prior to the Client’s stay.

4.2. Rates are seasonal and available on request. Check in is at 14h00 and checkout is at 10h00 on the date of departure.


5.1. Liamara Estate endeavours to provide Clients with an enjoyable Event and comfortable stay to all its guests, simultaneously allowing its neighbours to enjoy the tranquillity and peace offered by the rural/ country environment setting. Liamara Estate therefore expects all our guests to behave in a manner that is considerate with good neighbourliness and which does not amount to disturbing the peaceful ambiance offered by Liamara Estate and its surrounding areas. Noise will be controlled to prevent excessive disturbance and guests are expected to adhere to rules in this regard, failure to do so will result in a fine which shall not exceed R5000.00 (five thousand Rand) and shall be due and payable prior to the Client checking out.

5.2. DJ’s, live musical entertainment and other sources of noise are to be managed responsibly by third party service providers who are required to adhere to these terms and conditions. Music and entertainment shall cease at 22h00 (Monday –Thursday) and at 00h00 on weekends (Friday – Sunday). Microphones are not allowed to be used after the completion of the speeches at an Outdoor Event.

5.3. Adherence to these terms and conditions by third party service providers utilised by the Client remains the responsibility of the Client.

5.4. Music shall be turned off at 00h00, last round of drinks shall be called at 23h30 in order for the bar & venue to close at 00h00. 

5.5. Closing time is 00h00am after which time the function room shall be cleared. Guests are to vacate the venue by 00h00. 

5.6. Guests are requested to be considerate when leaving functions and events at night and to avoid excessive noise.

5.7. Overtime rates will be charged [ R2850 ] for every 60 minutes exceeding the agreed closing time as agreed between the Client and Liamara Estate. Overtime cannot exceed 2 hours. 

5.8. Any expected overrun of the closing time shall be discussed and agreed with management prior to the event.

5.9. Any DJ /Sound equipment left on Liamara Estate after the Event shall be for the Client’s risk and the Client hereby represents, warrants and fully indemnifies Liamara Estate in this regard from any and all claims pertaining to equipment utilised by the Client’s third party service provider. 

5.10. No smoking inside the venue & accommodation Villa. . Smoking shall be permitted in designated areas. No parking on the lawns of the Villa except for the designated parking area inside and outside the Villa accommodation building


6.1. To the full extent permitted by law, Liamara Estate shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, and expenses resulting from claims related to bodily harm or damage to property of the Client or their guests, employees or delegates excluding instances of wilful misconduct and gross negligence on the part of Liamara Estate and its staff.

6.2. Liamara Estate shall not be liable for any inconvenience or loss caused to any Party as a result of the cancellation or termination of agreements between the Parties. Liamara Estate, it’s owners, directors and employees shall not be liable, whether by agreement, or otherwise, for any personal, indirect, consequential or monetary losses howsoever arising, including those arising from services of products supplied by third parties and/or contractors. 

6.3. Any additional services requested may only be used for the purpose(s) for which they were hired. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas, impermissible smoking shall render the Client liable for a fine. 

6.4. Liamara Estate takes no responsibility whatsoever for guests and visitors, including but not limited to: misbehavior, injury or death. No lanterns may be released or launched into the sky.

6.5. No fireworks and/or fire crackers are permitted, the use of same shall render the Client liable for a fine.

6.6. All rules, regulations, technical advice or other requests made during the course of the event made by the Event /Duty Manager or ‘Liamara Estate’ Staff shall be adhered to.

6.7. Weather is out of our control, Liamara Estate cannot be held responsible for any weather issues or damages that may occur.


7.1. All suppliers need to arrive, equipped with all the necessary tools to complete their task. Liamara Estate shall not be responsible or expected to supply any staff, extension cords, ladders, power adapters, scissors, irons, generators, or any other equipment large or small to any supplier in order for them to complete their project.

7.2. No staplers are allowed to be used to attach any décor items to the walls, tree’s, roof, furniture, or any other surface. All intended decoration including flowers shall be discussed with Liamara Estate prior to the event and are subject to its approval.

7.3. No cars, trucks or delivery vans are allowed to park or drive on the grass unless agreed upon with Liamara Estate. No big structures are to be set up on the grass unless approved by Liamara Estate. 

7.4. Delivery times are strictly between 08h00 and 17h00 Monday to Friday and between 08h00 and 12h00 on Saturdays. 

7.5. All decorations, flowers and or other equipment brought on to the premises by the Client and/or their representatives/suppliers shall be removed by the Client by no later than 08h00 the following day unless prior arrangements are made with Liamara Estate. 

7.6. Liamara Estate will not be held responsible for missing and/or stolen items. 

7.7. Set-up of the venue by the Client’s suppliers must be completed by no later than 17h00 on the day before the Event. The venue will be locked and ‘Liamara Estate’ will be responsible for the key. 

7.8. A set up fee (50% of the venue hire fee) will be charged should client require set up prior to the date of the event.

7.9. On the day of the Event, only Liamara Estate, their agents and employees will have access to the venue for final cleaning and polishing. Any other supplier that may need access, must make arrangements with, and obtain approval from Liamara Estate prior to the date of the Event.

7.10. All items included in the venue hire fee must be left neatly on the tables by the end of the wedding, or at time and date agreed upon between Liamara Estate and the Client. All items shall be checked for breakage/ damage / theft by ‘Liamara Estate’ prior to the deposit being refunded to the Client.

7.11. Liamara Estate shall not be responsible for any loss and damages to anything hired (crockery /glassware / cutlery) in over and above the standard “Liamara Estate range”.

7.12. Should the Client require specific Crockery and Cutlery, it will be quoted separately.

7.13. In the event that a structure is erected on the property, a structural engineers certificate will be required from a Certified Structural Engineer.


8.1. Meals for suppliers needed on the day of the Event will need to be discussed directly with the venue and will be billed accordingly.

8.2. No FOOD or BEVERAGES may be brought onto the premises for consumption without prior written consent of Liamara Estate.

8.3. Catering and Bar Service Management is provided by Liamara Estate and will be based on a contract to be concluded with the Client.

8.4. No food may leave the venue in take away containers or any other container whatsoever.

8.5. Liamara Estate will allow Liamara Events only to manage and man the bar for your event. It is the Client’s responsibility to deal directly with ‘Liamara Events’’ unless otherwise arranged with Liamara Estate

8.6. No alcohol may leave or be consumed outside the venue building.

8.7. Liamara Estate does not allow for corkage at the venue unless agreed in writing by ‘Liamara Estate’. Under no circumstances will any guests be allowed to consume alcohol from their vehicles, cooler bags and/or handbags. 

8.8. Bar, glassware and barmen are included in the bar set-up fee which is included in the Bar Service Management. 

8.9. Standard table glassware, cutlery and crockery is included in the venue hire cost, should you require specific crockery and glassware according your theme this will be for clients cost.

8.10. Waitrons are excluded in the quoted price, provisions for waitrons will be in the Food & Beverage cost , depending on the size of Event.

8.11. A surcharge will be charged for Halaal and Kosher meals


9.1. Kindly note Liamara Estate exclusively uses the services of Liamara Events, however there is no restrictions placed on other service providers as stated under venue exclusions.

9.2. Catering & Beverages, Liamara estate exclusively handles catering and the bar service.

9.3. Liamara Estate has a minimum of 40 guests per wedding and maximum of 250 guests.

9.4. A 10% service fee will be charged on food & Beverage costs


10.1. Smoking is not allowed inside the venue, the reception hall, or glass marquee and other closed areas in accordance with the smoking laws and regulations of the Republic of South Africa.

10.2. The Client will be responsible for the conduct of its guests and third party service providers.

10.3. Failure to adhere to this clause may result in a fine, subject to the discretion of Liamara Estate.


11.1. The Client hereby unconditionally and irrevocably indemnifies, saves and holds harmless Liamara Estate, its officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any liability, claim, loss, damage, penalty, cost or expense of whatever nature and however arising from and/or in connection with –

11.1.1. any loss or damage of any kind to any property whether brought to the Event or provided by Liamara Estate the Client, or any of their, agents, contractors, suppliers, guests or any other person

11.1.2. the injury or death of any person;

11.1.3. damage caused to any property whatsoever; and/or

11.1.4. any economic loss sustained by any person,

11.1.5. as a result of any act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, by the Liamara Estate its directors, officers, employees, agents or invitees, relating to and/or in connection with and/or arising from the provision of the services and/or the organising of the Event whether such harm or liability arises at the Event or during the period prior to or after the Event but may be directly or indirectly attributable to the acts and/or omissions of Liamara Estate.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


seaview gardens package


100 – 200 PAX


Monday – Thursday
R20 000

Friday – Sunday & Public Holidays
R25 000



Menus will be customised with our Chef

Includes lounge and make up area

Outdoor  Ceremony Area

  • White Crossback Chairs  (100)

Pre-Arrival Area

  • Conversation Tables (4)
  • Cocktail Tables (4)

Marquee Space Area at the Seaview Gardens

  • Marquee Space area for a maximum of 200 pax at sea facing manicured lawns
  • Venue will provide access to water
  • Venue will provide a 5KVA generator
  • 2 double VIP mobile toilets
  • Marquee hire (Structural Certification required)
  • Wedding Arch
  • Isle runner
  • Photography & Videography
  • Wedding cake
  • Technical Equipment
  • Stationery
  • Wedding Planner
  • Catering & Bar (To be arranged by Liamara Events)
  • Décor & Florist (To be arranged by Liamara Events)

Venue hire ends at midnight (00:00), thereafter an overtime fee of R2850 will be charged per hour. 

Kindly note that the package costs are available from 1 October 2021 to 1 April 2023 

Terms & conditions